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Bible Writing Schedule

July 2024 Bible Writing Schedule.png

Church Prayer List

Weekly Prayer List:

Our Church


All Unspokens

Woodward Family -- loss of home

Townes Byers -- surgery

Ben Sapien -- job

Sandra Matlock -- health

Bro. Todd Lasseter — chemo

Clara Mae Frazier — surgery recovery

Connie Scott — knee/leg issues

Tonja Thorne — health

Barbara Rawlinson — health

Jason Willaford — foot

Lucy Willaford — health

Pat Stanford — knee

Barbara Reed — hip

Gloria Lopez — health

Hadley Byers — health

Ray Matlock — health/back

Deborah Ice — looking for new job

Vivian Sapien -- 2 unspokens

Janis Reese -- special unspoken

Diana Smith — health

Karl & Elizabeth Ogdie -- health

Abel Mendoza

Jonathan Chandler

Our Country


Preacher & Mrs. Howe

Cora Johnson

Bettye Smith

Clarence & Vickie Miller

George Martin

Chris & Tonja Thorne

Jimmy Bullington

Paula Farr

Amanda Howe

Connie Sciscoe

Melissa Sullivan


Eddie McKitrick

Rita King

Jo Jones

Libby Vance

P.J. Palvalko

Orville Moore

David White

Norma Simon

Rick Oliver

Greg Soto

Taylor Scott

Cody Ford

Sara Smith

Judy Wiggs

Ken & Sue Bolin

John Villarreal

Rosa Gonzales

Kay Adams

Dan Haddick

Kim Trussell

Charlie Wright

Gloria Lopez

CP Sapien

Pam Lequne

Chris Taylor

Larry Marla

Patrica McAllister

Salvador Mendez

Trace McVeigh

Garland Beasley

William Guthrie

Ruth Hutchins

Rachel Chacon

Phil Newby

Pat Greer

Fred Billings

Larry Bullington

Jason Wilaford

Lucy Wilaford

Randy Wells

Maxine Couch

Bill Jennings

Five to Thrive Prayer Needs:


  1. Power of Holy Spirit in all services & classes.

  2. Steady stream of visitors.

  3. Increased salvations & baptisms.

  4. Increased membership attendance.

  5. Safety in all services & classes​.​



Ray Matlock, Jr.

Nancy Champion

Robert White

Larry Merchant

Michelle Holland

Cody Ford

McDonald Family


Todd Lasseter

Bob & Diana Smith 

Danny Dodson

Kurt Labouve

Karl & Elizabeth Ogdie 

Michelle Jones

Donna Schepers

Brian Kroll 

Becky Martin

Bill Graham -- wife

Taylor Brinkley

George Newcome

Ricky Gonzales

Robert Morris

Carolyn Leatherwood

Scott & Darla Griffen

Tom Davis


Jeffery Tucker 

Manuel Rodriguez

Martha Swaim

Quigley Family



Beasley Family

Howe/Lewis Families

Barnes Family

Evangeline Tate


Wesley Gilbert family


Haltom Middle School

First Responders




Church/Members Finances

New Members/Converts


Safety on Church Property

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